Flexibility and transparency in real-time Optimization Use cases

Maurizio Bigoloni - Marcello Pomponi - Maddalena Pondini

23  ottobre  2019, ore 11:40, Sala Leonardo

Azienda: Siemens

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Nowadays Energy Management is becoming more and more challenging due to the transformation that energy systems are facing from centralized models to decentralized ones. Data is the real driving force of this change, and that is why data acquisition platforms will represent a key means to enable real-time analysis and optimization of the assets connected.
Experience Descriptions
The present document aims at presenting the 3 key applications of the Siemens EnergyIP DEOP platform which can enable sustainable and energy efficient business models in this rapidly changing energy environment. These applications represent the main use-cases identified for the platform, namely Transparency, Optimization and Demand Response which also describe the framework under which the platform development is continuously improving. These concepts summarize the key functions that the platform offers and help in the definition of the real value achievable when applying it. The idea of visualizing real-time data is always really appealing, but where does the real value come from? It is only when there is the capability of enabling a comparison between the actual performances and the expected ones that monitoring can bring a real advantage.
There are plenty of options for achieving such a comparison and each alternative can give benefits in different areas. Energy losses, asset deterioration, wrong operations are some examples of where this methodology can be applied. This can lead to a continuous learning from data and, consequently, to the possibility of retrieving models from them; analytics are the result of such analyses and they represent a fundamental source of information for operators and asset managers.
The concept of Transparency summarizes this whole idea and represents one of the key pillars of DEOP platform. Furthermore, it is a great enabler for the application of predictive-maintenance techniques which can bring real value when a big amount of historical data to learn from is available.
These services are available from a DEOP mobile APP too, where notifications and alerts help the user keeping a direct contact with the assets under monitoring.

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